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We strongly believe in the power of

We strongly believe in the power of Biodiversity!

Now we have a certification that demontrate this and we can say that we are BIODIVERSITY FRIEND!

The new standard certifies the engagement of the farm to the conservation and the progressive increase of the biological diversity, that corresponds in the last analysis, to an improvement of the environmental salubrity and of the product quality.
The certification standard Biodiversity Friend considers the environmental impacts of the activities and transformation processes in agriculture towards the ecosystem quality and the biodiversity loss. The operative strategies have been fixed in 13 actions related to: procedures of parasites and weed control, methods of soil fertility reconstitution, hydric resources management, presence of hedges and woods, presence of nectariferous species, conservation of the agrarian biodiversity, biological soil quality, biological water quality, air quality, use of renewable energy, methods of low impact production and other actions that can have beneficial effects on biodiversity.
For the consumer, to buy a product with the brand name “Biodiversity Friend” means to have guarantees scientifically proven that the product comes from agrosystems with a high level of naturality and has been got with low impact production processes.

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